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BnDz - Burgerz n Dogz

Call us at (412) 714-4896
4120 Brownsville Road
South Park Township, PA 15129

Burger Loaded Burger

If you love burgers and hot dogs you'll love BnD'z!

Located in South Park and Hermitage, BnD'z (short for Burgerz and Dogz) offers the best hamburgers and hot dogs in Western PA

Our all American restaurant serves up the tastiest meals we all know and love, but with a little more pizazz. Not only do we offer traditional dogz and burgerz, we also have a wide range of gluten-free buns, vegetarian selections as well as organic options. Now those who love burgers & hot dogs can also eat healthy!

Stop in and see what everyone is talking about, but be forewarned, you'll smell the food being cooked in our kitchen before you even pull into the parking lot. If by some strange circumstance you're not hungry when you get out of your car, you will be by the time you walk into the dining room.

BnDz Salad

Create Your Own Masterpiece At BnD'z!

At BnD'z every burger and dog we serve is a work of art, but we're not are! We offer you the ability to Create Your Own Masterpiece.

Whether you're the type that demands bison as your meat, or you prefer organic vegetarian fare, you get to tell us how your ideal meal is constructed. Fresh traditional roll for your burger? We got 'em. Like your hot dogs inside all wheat or gluten-free buns? We can do that, too! Whether you're a die-hard carnivore or a herbivorous health savvy diner, vegetarian or meat lover, we have the perfect meal laid out just for you!

Want to learn more about what's on the menu? Curious about our specialty burgerz or hot dogz? Yes, we even have salads, a kidz menu as well as dessert. Go ahead and browse what we have to offer, but don't be surprised if you find yourself reaching for your car keys!